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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit, by definition, is constantly varied, functional movement, executed at a high intensity. Click the button below to link you directly to the official CrossFit website for details, videos, testimonials, and more!

Do I need previous experience?

​No experience is necessary at all! Whether you have no experience or years of experience, we have the knowledge and tools to help modify the workouts to fit your personal abilities. It is truly for everyone.

How do I start?

Sign up for our Couch to CrossFit class! This class is a great way for people to get introduced to what CrossFit is all about. In Couch to CrossFit, our coaches will give you personal training on everything you will need to know. For more info, and to visit our Couch to CrossFit page, click the button below.

If you’re still unsure of where to start, send us a message on Facebook, shoot us an email, or give us a call so we can figure out what would work best for you!

How will I remember all these acronyms?

We’ve got you covered….

WOD- Workout of the day
PR- Personal record
Rx- As prescribed
AMRAP- As many reps as possible
EMOM- Every minute on the minute
​RFT- Rounds for time
METCON- Metabolic conditioning
C&J- Clean and jerk
MU- Muscle up
DL- Deadlift
​FS- Front squat
​OHS- Overhead squat
HSPU- Handstand push up
KB- Kettlebell
S2OH- Shoulder to overhead
G2OH- Ground to overhead
C2B- Chest to bar
T2B- Toes to bar
TGU- Turkish get-up
WB- Wall ball

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